My name is Nathalie Deetens. Mother to 3 lovely daughters. Our youngest daughter is diagnosed with a neuromuscular disorder called spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). Concretely this means that she lacks a gene causing her nerves not to communicate with her muscles. As a result, her muscles slowly but surely become atrophic and therefore die. Considering that everything is a muscle, as a mother you quickly realize you have to take action. Fortunately, she gets an injection in her spinal cord called Spinraza every 4 months. This injection ensures that the disorder is put on hold/paused and her deterioration is substantially delayed. She is even improving. So my eternal gratitude to Spinraza. However, that does not alter the fact that you have to stand by the sideline forbearingly and hope it will turn out well. No, a body like hers requires a lot of extra support. Think of it as a stalled car engine: if you wish to get it up and running again, it will need some outside help. So you quickly look for a couple of people to give the car a little push. Well, I give my child a push on a daily basis. When I realized that classical physiotherapy did not help her much, I started looking for alternative therapies. Being a skeptical mom, I started to investigate which therapy could be useful and help her. It was like opening entering Aladdin’s cave. There are so many fantastic ways to approach a sick body with really positive results.

That is how I discovered Moche Feldenkrais. Prior to my daughter’s diagnosis I had never heard about or knew of its existence. But the Feldenkrais method is a great non-invasive method that works on the brain plasticity. The brain being receptive, you can teach it new things, new connections, new ways. This is achieved by initiating movements in the body.

I also discovered Movement Lesson by Michelle Turner. This is a complementary and in-depth training. This method is also based on the theories of Moche Feldenkrais. This therapy offers a greater focus on gravity, the opposition of gravity and rotation. Everything is rotation. Just think of plants growing, water running down the drain, a baby going through the birth canal, turning a wheel, screwing in a light bulb, the motions of an electric toothbrush,…

I am a certified practitioner of Michelle Turner. Due to my daughter, I discovered these promising and very effective therapies. And incidentally I became passionate about them. I also think it is such an agreeable therapy that could benefit a lot of children and adults suffering from physical complaints that I had no other option than to set up my own practice aiming to help as many people as possible.

I also practice ABR therapy on my daughter. This therapy focuses on the facial level. Every 3 months we attend a certified center in Hasselt where we receive tailor-made exercises for her. Every evening I treat her for an average of 1 to 1.5 hours of ABR therapy. But it pays off. Look at it as if you were a sculptor with a large piece of clay that you can mold however you wish to. Well, that is what ABR therapy does for her: it molds her body into the shape she deserves. The combination of Spinraza, ABR therapy, Feldenkrais and Movement Lesson ensures that she progresses incredibly well.

Every body is different, every diagnosis is different – even within the diagnosis. Often a (long) quest ensues to fine-tune the right treatments tailored to you or your child.

Daarom raad ik een behandeling bij mij zeker aan. Het zal wellicht een onbekende behandeling zijn die jouw zenuwstelsel alleen maar leuk zal vinden. Je zal ervan versteld staan wat een paar behandelingen kan doen voor je lichaam en geest.